Website localization is vitally important in today's global marketplace. Translating your company's identity and product into another language is only part of the process. To ensure that your message is well received by your audience it's important to adapt its content to the local culture of your chosen territory. For instance the approach to localizing your website for Brazil will be different in important respects to another country like Argentina despite both being Latin American markets. Fortunately we can help!

At GLS we can offer a straightforward and high quality translation of your website contents and for an additional fee we can also localize it for your target market. We can also localize any existing websites that you have already had translated.

What do our localization services include?

  • Language Review
  • we will adapt the words and phrases of your text including any idiomatic expressions that may only make sense in the original language to the local expressions and styles of your target language. This may involve writing new content as well as adapting what has already been provided.

  • Visuals
  • we will also look at the current choice of images and visuals for the website to help project the right image and suggest alternatives that might be a better fit for the local culture

  • Website Navigation
  • to create the best possible customer experience of your website we can suggest changes to the layout and navigation of pages to improve the chances of engaging local customers.

  • Content Adaptations
  • changes to currency, phone numbers, units of measurement and so on.

    If you need your website reviewed as part of your globalization plans, please give us a call. We’d love to help!